Talk – Communication via Sporadic E

23rd September 2022 MSARS and Online 20:00 to 21:15hrs UTC

A talk via webinar on Sporadic E by John Berry GM8JBJ, The talk will be shown live at the club for those wishing to attend in person (Cyprus Hall will be open from 7:45pm as usual to allow for setup etc.) but anyone else is welcome to join the webinar remotely via the Google Meet link below. No software installation is required, and no prerequisite setup – just click the link given at:

This event is open to all MSARS members, any member from any other radio club, or indeed anyone else interested in this exciting and unusual propagation medium.

Past Talk – Communication via the aurora – see below for video

12th November 2021 MSARS and Online

Communication by radio amateurs via the aurora borealis (and indeed via the aurora australis in the southern hemisphere) can only be described as occasional. Like Sporadic E, it’s a mechanism supported when several atmospheric and geomagnetic effects align. And it occurs in the thermosphere, around 110km up, and about 50˚ to 60˚ North. But just because there’s a visible light show does not mean radio propagation will be supported. So why, and how often, do radio auroras occur? Can I participate south of the Scotland/England border? What do I have to do to exploit an aurora? How will I know if there’s an aurora in progress? How can I design my station to maximise both chances and DX outcome? And how can I predict when a radio aurora is going to happen? John answered these questions while covering the full science and practice of communications via radio auroras.

See for the presentation. Or see on this site.