I aim for simplicity and hence everything is automatic. Basically, I switch on and operate.

Here’s the overall schematic of my station.

GM8JBJ Station Schematic

For HF, I use an Icom IC-7300 HF rig and RM BLA600 PA to drive an MFJ 998RT auto-tuner at the foot of the 18m monopole.

For 6 metres (50MHz), I use an Icom IC-7300 and RM BLA600 power amp to deliver 400W to a 6-element Yagi.

The BLA600 provides automatic antenna switching between HF vertical and 50MHz Yagi.

For 2 metres(144MHz) I use an IC-9700 driving a Microset 100W PA. And there’s a Microset low noise amp at the masthead for receive. The antenna’s an 11 element Yagi

For data modes, I use a Raspberry Pi computer running WSJT-X and other applications connected to the rig USBs for rig control and audio, one for HF and one for VHF.

And everything will evolve.